Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Started With GWTP

I have basically no knowledge yet with GWT and GWTP. The first time when I peaked in to GWT the documentation still lacked and it was difficult to find information. Especially about using GWTP. On my second search I have found a really good tutorial of the GWT and GWTP basic features by Dani from Cloud3 Tech. Below you can find the course videos in order. The course is fantastic and gives a good overview on how to do things.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: First GWT Project
Lesson 3: Working with the Presenter
Lesson 4: Nested Presenters and Presenter Widgets
Lesson 5: Popup Dialogs
Lesson 6: Dependency Injection
Lesson 7: Events
Lesson 8: Client Place Manager
Lesson 9: Actions

The lessons however do not cover:
  • Complex Authentication and Authorization
  • File Upload
  • Using REST with a Jersey JAX-RS Server
  • Using Cassandra or AppEngine as backend
 This will still involve some studies.

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