Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Setting up a new GWT Maven Web Project with Netbeans

Download and install Netbeans
You can download Netbeans from Netbeans site.

Install the GWT4NB Plugin
You can download the GWT4NB Plugin from GWT4NB download page.
  • Once downloaded open Netbeans, click on to Tools -> Plugins
  • Click on to the Downloads tab and then on to Add Plugins
  • Choose the folder where you have downloaded the plugin in to and click on to Open

  • You'll see that the plugin has been recogniced and that you can install it now.
  • Click on to the Install button

You will be asked to agree to the terms of use and you'll see a message that the plugin isn't signed. This is fine. You can just proceed. After that the plugin should be installed. You should be able to see it when you click on to the Installed tab.

Install the Google AppEngine Plugins
Currently Kenai only provide plugins for Netbeans 6.9. It is however possible to install those also with Netbeans 7.1 and 7.1.1.

You can find the plugins for the 6.9 Version by clicking on the below URL:

I assume that you are familiar with the Plugin install process. You can install the plugins the same way as the GWT plugin.

I have installed the following 3 plugins:
Download the Google AppEngine SDK
Download the Google AppEngine SDK and unzip it on to your hard drive. Doesn't matter where. Usually I keep all my Java libraries like JRE and JDK in a folder called Java within the Program Files folder. This is also the location to where I put the AppEngine SDK.

Adding the Google AppEngine Server
Next step is to add the Google AppEngine Server to Netbeans.
  • Click on to Tools -> Servers 
  • Then click on to Add Server
  • Choose Google App Engine and click Next 

  • Now choose the Google AppEngine SDK folder you just unzipped and click Next

  • I changed the port from 8080 to 8090 because the Glassfish server is using 8080.
  • Then click Finish
Now you should see your Google AppEngine Server in the list of servers.

You should now be able to start coding.

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