Sunday, September 20, 2015

Installing AngularJS

Install AngularJS with YeoMan on MacOS X


This tutorial is written explicitly for following versions of AngularJS and NodeJS:

  • AngularJS 1.2.16
  • NodeJS 0.10.30

This tutorial might not work for other versions and will not be updated!

Check if NodeJS is installed:

node --version && npm --version

Install NodeJS

Download and Install NodeJS from following website:

Check if GIT is installed

git --version

Install GIT

Download and Install GIT from following website:

Install yo

sudo npm install --global yo

Install grunt

sudo npm install grunt --save-dev

Re-Install NPM

sudo npm install

Check if everything was installed

yo --version && bower --version && grunt --version

Install AngularJS generator

sudo npm install --global generator-angular

Adjust permissions

sudo echo prefix = ~/.node >> ~/.npmrc

Create project folder

mkdir testProject
cd testProject

Create Angular Project

yo angular

You'll be asked what you want to choose. It's usually a good idea to add all libraries.

Start server

grunt serve

Now a website should open and display the initial page.

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